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Dual-Symbol Immersion: Developing Language with Augmentative Communication

Instructor: Deann O’Lenick, PhD, CCC/SLP, MBA

This course is designed to provide a new perspective on the implementation of augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) in order to assist the symbol speaker (a person developing language through a symbol system other than or in addition to verbal language) in developing language through AAC. The goal for the symbol speaker is to develop their language system to the fullest extent, in order to be able to communicate spontaneous and novel messages. But, how do we “teach” the person to communicate using AAC? How do we focus on the development of language skills when that language is not verbal?

This course will guide the participants (teachers, special education teachers, therapists, parents/caregivers, and other attendees) in the skills needed to immerse the symbol speaker in both verbal language and symbols. Lecture, collaboration activities, discussion activities, and practical activities will be used for the participants to develop language skills, developing social interaction exchanges using AAC, cooperating in joint interaction activities, and ultimately, dual-symbol immersion for those who are learning language through AAC.

The course objectives include building a foundation of understanding of the elements of augmentative communication and their impact on language development. These include vocabulary and symbol selection. The participants will use what they are learning during guided activities with a symbol speaker using AAC. Ultimately, the participants will learn by dual-symbol immersion in the language of AAC how to immerse symbol speakers who are developing their language through AAC.

This course will be a prerequisite to session 2.

  1. Participants will demonstrate understanding of language development and apply it to language through AAC
  1. Participants will demonstrate understanding of the impact of vocabulary selection on language development
  1. Participants will differentiate and distinguish core vocabulary and fringe vocabulary
  1. Participants will distinguish types of symbols and rationale for symbol organization
  1. Participants will relate principles of second language learning theory to the development of language through AAC
  1. Participants will apply Dual-Symbol Immersion during information exchanges with other participants
  1. Participants will develop language goals, applying developmental principles and sequences

SLPs, Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Classroom Aides/Assistants, Other Instructional Staff, Daycare providers, Parents, Caregivers, Extended Family Members of Symbol Speakers using AAC. Teams supporting a Symbol Speaker who is learning language through AAC will be scheduled together in the same Experiential Learning Series whenever possible.

Continuing Education is being provided by AAC Institute for therapists and TEA for Texas educators.

AAC Institute has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). CEUs that relate to the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology can be used for ASHA certification maintenance. Most state licensure systems accept IACET CEUs or other forms of self-reporting.

Day 1:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm (with a 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks)

7 hours Continuing Education Credits


Day 2:  8:30 am to 4:30 pm (with a 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks)

7 hours Continuing Education Credits

Lunch will be provided by Hear MY Voice

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