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acquisition of language through AAC


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A NONPROFIT Organization Focused on Developing Language Through Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Nonprofit focused on the development of language through augmentative and alternative communication. Through experiential learning series, participants will discuss, collaborate, and practice immersing communicators who will use augmentative communication in the language they are learning. 

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Experiential Learning Series

In order to provide the instruction and support the instruction with consultation, collaboration, and experience, the training needs to look an feel different than other AAC trainings. This will be accomplished in what we are calling Experiential Learning. In order to immerse the communicator who will learn AAC in the language of AAC, the others in the environment need to know how to speak AAC. This will be accomplished by providing the language models will the tools and experiences they need to do so. 

The Key Concepts of Experiential Learning include:

  • Understanding and applying language development theories and milestones to language through AAC
  • Immersion in the language of AAC
  • Using AAC- "Augmenting my language"
  • Developing competency with the symbol system being used
  • Using AAC to immerse the learner in the language of AAC throughout interactions and environments

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Financial Support

 Financial support for Hear MY Voice will come from donations initially, and then it is anticipated that a combination of donations, fees for attendance at Experiential Learning Series, and grants will provide the necessary financial support. Long range plans for Hear MY Voice includes being able to provide financial support for quality evaluations for AAC systems and training/intervention through scholarships. Also in the long range plans are a lending library to support the use of augmentative communication in therapy and during device trials prior as part of quality evaluations.